Tasmania is a unique place that captivates the imagination and stokes the embers of an adventurous spirit. From its mercurial seas to the crags and woods of its hinterlands, inspiration to become lost in Tassie's landscape is as abundant as the fresh air. This short film is a collage of places, people, wildlife, and sensation: a dedication to carefree passing of time and indulging in fleeting moments. Reminisce Music: Bath Salt - River Whyless
Jazz and beer in psychedelic neon. The Vital Organ Trio playing at Wayward Brewing in Sydney, Australia.
Were the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life the most exciting event yet? You be the judge!

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Pumping surf to the tune of some black and white, jazzy vibes in San Diego. Unwind and Rewind. Music by Cliff Moore More Music From Cliff: https://soundcloud.com/cliffmo
Longboarding In Some Warm Water At Sunset. Singlefin Summer Days.

A year later, remembering some good waves, great times, and excellent people.

Digital Multimedia Content Creation. Video And Editing By Alec Walsh.

4 Years Of Getting Weird In The Mountains.